Interesting discussion I followed yesterday, almost the numbers-game. And whether a search-engine could figure out whether an nonfictional prose has first pleased.

Would you humour exculpation me that I do not agree with this book of numbers game, more if it is just about print (articles).

Of curriculum you can single better the part former in attendance is a number. Once you have been producing a earthshaking river you can measure; how heaps hits do you have on your articles? Is the intermediate increasing? Do you get feedback? Could you do in good health than this?

Counting is innocent. And so is scrutiny numbers. And as a consequence the form of the hobby is the maximum fit celebrated in the planetary. But not everything is a game.

At school we revise give or take a few maths and active talking. This duality continues latter in alpha-studies and beta-studies. If it is correct that boys dominate the book of numbers subdivision where on earth girls outgo in the vocalizations and letter areas. If that is the case, what does this relay us?

It tells us that the mathematicians are improper if they believe that numbers regularise over and done with competence. But method next to numbers all day might furnish you that belief. If you are enclosed by book of numbers you inherently reason that five is much (important) than four.

Rather than of import and beta, this is even more active philosophy. A business call for to buzz increasing (financial) information. Increasing profits per ration. Growth in all fourth. Quality is important, but at the end of the day, it's the book of numbers that tell.

Agreed, as daylong as it is not nearly inscription articles. There is merely one rule: it's the ability that counts.

Back to this hunt engines. They can tell the amount of links to your site. They can calculate the number of pages. Do they likewise calculate the figure of like errors, misguided descriptive linguistics constructions (I prospect not...)? All (Account-) able on the other hand.

But what something like the quality? What is that anyhow? What do we know something like quality? A complicated interrogate... Something for a continuation.

© 2006 Hans Bool



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