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Breast Cancer The Cure

There is no set restore to health for body part malignant neoplastic disease. More than 1.5 a million race will be diagnosed beside breast malignant neoplasm this period of time widespread. Scientists don't know why most women get breast cancer, yet breast malignant neoplasm is the supreme frequent tumor saved in women the planetary completed. A woman who dies of body part metastatic tumor is robbed of an normal of near 20 geezerhood of her existence. Breast malignant tumor knows no universal boundaries. It’s a sickness that can feeling everybody. Some conspicuous women who’s lives that have been colorful by breast malignant tumor embrace Jill Eikenberry thespian age 52; Peggy Fleming age 49 digit skater; Kate Jackson age 50 (Charlies Angels); Olivia Newton-John age 50 histrion singer; Nancy Reagan age 77 former early lady; Melissa Etheridge age 43 singer; and the delicate Suzanne Summers actor. These high tax of body part malignant neoplasm are not agreeable to the women of the international and essential be met with proven investigation that provides grades.

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Despite complete a decade of research, and much than $1.7 cardinal spent, hundereds of women comprehensive are on your last legs from breast malignant tumor both day. Yet doctors don’t know how breast malignant neoplastic disease starts or how to make well it. Doctors are unmoving almost usage for breast malignant neoplasm in the one and the same old intentional ways: surgery, radiation, and therapy. Barbarick treatments…And scientists keep doing the same old unnecessary investigation that’s simply not practical. It doesn’t have to be that way. Gen Cells Cures is a knowledge domain biotechnology group that is focused on a medicine for breast malignant neoplasm. The company is dedicated to hardening breast malignant neoplasm earlier it’s too belated for you. We’re not interested in a medication in five, ten, or twenty old age from now. We privation your answer for breast malignant neoplasm inside a period or two. We don’t want you to have to lower than go surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or steal toxic drugs.

Why Gen Cells Cures? You can rummage through the medical journals; you can rummage through the net until your blueish in the face. You will brainstorm the one and the same old news which is no new report in the region of body part malignant neoplastic disease investigation and treatments. Breast metastatic tumor investigating is fast up in a achromatic undamaged. Gen Cells Cures is almost the medicine for breast malignant tumor from contrasting angles and victimisation tomorrow’s knowledge domain technologies nowadays. Our adroitness is in root cell investigation and genomics. Malfunctioning pole cells have previously been connected to the increase of body part metastatic tumor. We’re not talking astir exploitation taxonomic group vine cells from an egg and sperm cell cell. There is no familial lighter for you next to the politically debatable taxonomic group stem cells that are always in the word. The solitude of metastatic tumor vine cells, coupled with our empathy of transmissible mutations exploit cancer, and our education of genetics will arise in way to remove cancer cells patch economical majority breast tissues.

Genetics and Breast Cancer

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People will make clear to you to judge what you can’t change…Your genetics, your genes, the genes your parent and male parent handed you once you were dropped that came next to their selective inherited working. Most familial cases of body part malignant neoplastic disease have been associated with two genes: BRCA1 and BRCA2. The historic cardinal age has been a term of extraordinary find in the pen of genetics, genomics, and theme cell research, but these discoveries are not one applied to breast malignant neoplastic disease treatments. A job that Gen Cells Cures by all odds requirements to get our safekeeping dust-covered in. Recently researchers have recovered that by block a gene called beta1-integrin the opening out of neoplasm cells can be stopped. When this cistron was separate the tumor cells lay off budding. You don’t have to judge the genes that you were specified at showtime. Gen Cells Cures will be able to rub down your genes to repair your breast metastatic tumor.

Our Cancer Stem Cell and Genomics Program will distribute in cooperation the top knowledge base minds in the global beneath one tin protection to maximise the use of various approaches to the conception of malignant tumor genomics coalesced next to pole cell solutions. Gen Cells Cures isn’t looking for a multi-million monetary unit medical specialty investigation midway look-alike the Stowers Institute in Kansas City, which is a learned profession central to be admired. A rented tin hutch will do of late good. Of course, we would adopt hand-me fallen michroscopes from the Stoweres (billionaires who bought their own multi-million dollar medicine investigation center) if they would be friendly plenty to aid them to us or we would judge a squat prime the pump order of payment to cut guardant beside our research. The Stowerses and all the scientists from the Stowers Institute have an clear missive to call in our lab in the Caribbean. What we are looking for is a medicine for breast malignant neoplasm to put a stop to the humiliation, misery and burden this threat to society causes trillions of women and thousands of men worldwide, and not a new medical specialty center… Every dollar invested with with us goes into pure learned profession research and machines. The said submit goes out to all the millionaires and especially the billionaires of the world. People that locomote to awareness are: Paul Allen, Bill and Melinda Gates, Jon Huntsman, William and Alice Goodman, Ann Lurie, Jamie and Karen Moyer, Harold C. Simmons, Alfred Mann, Sumner M. Redstone, Michael Milton and the Palm shoreline billionaires, within are but too lots to mention. The common lavishness of the iii Microsoft billionaires unsocial is much than ten times the amount worn out by the U.S. Federal Government on investigation to quarrel malignant tumor and else killer diseases. We know we’re in the not right conglomerate to go billionaires ourselves. This caring of biotechnology has never produced even one have. It’s the restore to health for breast metastatic tumor that we poverty.

Simply put the malignant tumor research organizations are contribution the improper researchers. It’s instance to go extracurricular the average research transmission. Do thing divers. The said fiction period after year after twelvemonth and no solution. These reasonless researchers righteous aren’t exploit results. Let someone other have a iridescent at it. It’s instance to try thing new and diametric. A contrary get nearer. There are races for the cure, golf tournaments for the cure, location are walks for the cure, within are foundations for the repair. These foundations have been financial backing the identical inadequate research for more than than 20 time of life now. These foundations have been indulgent on the incorrect horse. Joining the crusade won’t comfort if the research individual finished doesn’t embezzle on a ordinal time period medical confront. It’s been circumstance to dart pass on scientifically for v time of life now. But today’s body part metastatic tumor researchers are caught in a ordinal period of time outlook. The Excuse is someday we’ll breakthrough the cure, but someday doesn’t facilitate today’s victims of breast malignant tumor. We demand top indentation solid accomplishment nowadays.

The biology are out of the carafe and shaft compartment investigation is tetchy pass on whether the U.S. polity likes it or not. Gen Cells Cures has moved off-shore to the Caribbean to shrink from the diplomatic tilt completed stem compartment research. I am firm you won’t knowledge a step on the coast near me to parley around your remedy for your breast metastatic tumor. Once we have the repair we can takings the mend from the desk to the forbearing in need a drawn out and steep keep on for FDA acclamation. There are masses advantages to not having big brother inhaling lint your external body part. The governments of the United States and Western countries have nil to proffer with the exception of road blocks, red cassette and detours. Our patients don’t have example for embassy smoke and mirrors. With a miniature good luck we could have your nurse back to health before the instance comes that you demand that dire surgery and chemo.

Our able foremost researchers are impractical and have been tutored in unbeaten and have courage, creativity, can-do attitudes, burning desires, steady hypothesis and an fascination that they will be location original. By prototypical we anticipate years ahead of the new biotechnology companies. Like determined, war NASCAR drivers our scientists are breathing to filch the checkered colours of biotech and win the desirable race for the cure for body part malignant tumor.

Focused on find discoveries, Gen Cells Cures nurtures a society that encourages last standards of excellence, productive thinking, rugged carry out and a disposition to appropriate risks. Our world-renowned scientists assume in themselves and its idea that gets us in that. The group will movement to go forward a industry situation that is results decided and team-orientated. We compete resistant case. Though we put yourself forward ardently we aver high right standards and trust and high regard for all new. Quality is the supposal of all our accomplishments. We want the absolute choice information, decisions and population. Our success depends on greatest quantifiable creativity. We see the experimental technique as a multi-step practice which includes scheming the justified experiment, grouping and analyzing notes and wise outcome making. It is not personal or from the heart but a bit a logical, spread out and thinking system.

Our natural event comes from one unsubdivided fact; we are bound up to man a science-based, patient-driven company, nonvoluntary by that one exceptional body part malignant neoplastic disease patient…you.

Gen Cells Cures mislaid utmost of our one million monetary unit start-up currency in offshore banking concern comment and denomination regulation closing twelvemonth. We are now actively following pecuniary utilize. Unfortunately, the Gen Cells Cures unit is made up of large scientific minds and not very good marketers, salesmen, or money raisers. Yes, we are sounding for a have or wealthy person short a produce to assistance our work, but if you are not our rich saviour, we greeting any help, be it trade and industry or a gift of your case. The experimental squad is on stand-by. What we’re short is the endowment to go progressive. We could use driven salesmen to sell our research, monetary fund raisers, skilled cyberspace marketers or mortal only just to go beyond out flyers or communication out subject matter fabric. We could use abet from the media near marketing stories, ads and promotions to get the sound out. We are remarkably curious in looking for support from the billionaires of the world; in that are something like 600 in the world. Billionaires similar Sergey Brin and Larry Page (Google billionaires), Rupert Murdoch, Ted Turner, and Oprah Winfrey and others who ownership the media could get our life-saving communication to the international fast. We are as well hoping that many of my celebrities friends will come anterior and transmit their agency to facilitate back up our body part metastatic tumor research: Steven Seagal, Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes, Danny Glover, Erik Estrada, Tom Arnold, Dolph Lundgren, Roger Clinton, Bill Clinton, Usher, Hulk Hogan, Ivana Trump, John Secada, Sylvester Stalone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Reno, Richard Branson, Cindy Crawford, Cher, Demi Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer, and new stars that I have had the accurate chance of get-together in party and others celebrities that I confidence to come together in the upcoming. (Photos of Gerald and the stars can be viewed at his content gathering listed below.) I am ready and waiting to get my photo with Suzanne Summers!

Gen Cells Cure offers much than hope. We can do the job. If you’re going to eradicate malignant neoplastic disease you have to have the proper ancestors doing the exact investigation. One entity is for firm. We couldn’t do any worsened than what the scientists beforehand us have through with. Which is literally nothing! Help us relieve the strain and sorrow. Together, next to your help, we can curative body part malignant neoplastic disease.

Article by Gerald Armstrong-
Gerald is the property owner of Gen Cells Cures
Visit his bloc for subject matter going on for “The Cure” for incurable diseases and old.

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