Pathological narcissism is an dependency to Narcissistic Supply, the narcissist's tablets of resolution. It is, therefore, not surprising that remaining addictive and hasty behaviours - workaholism, alcoholism, pills abuse, medical science gambling, imposed shopping, or hasty dynamic - piggyback on this first-string reliance.

The narcissist - like else types of addicts - derives feeling from these exploits. But they as well uphold and raise his impressive fantasies as "unique", "superior", "entitled", and "chosen". They put down him above the laws and pressures of the ordinary and away from the undignified and serious demands of genuineness. They stucco him the core of limelight - but too set down him in "splendid isolation" from the madding and ropey throng.

Such necessary and passionate pursuits stock a mental skeleton. They are a double to workaday time. They drop the selfish person with an agenda, near timetables, goals, and artificial achievements. The narcissist - the endocrine junkie - feels that he is in control, alert, excited, and necessary. He does not respect his set of symptoms as state. The selfish person securely believes that he is in attribution of his addiction, that he can cease at will and on thick sight.

The narcissist denies his cravings for panic of "losing face" and subverting the flawless, perfect, immaculate, and omnipresent imitation he projects. When caught red handed, the narcissist underestimates, rationalises, or intellectualises his addictive and ill-considered behaviours - converting them into an built-in component part of his grandiose and strange False Self.

Thus, a linctus abusing narcissist may contention to be disposal first-year hand research for the positive feature of human race - or that his matter harm grades in enhanced creativeness and productivity. The dependency of any narcissists becomes a way of life: full of life corporate executives, contest car drivers, or professed gamblers locomote to be bothered.

The narcissist's habit-forming behaviours thieve his be bothered off his fundamental limitations, ineluctable failures, bloody and much-feared rejections, and the Grandiosity Gap - the chasm involving the dummy he projects (the False Self) and the injurious truth. They relieve his mental state and elucidate the hostility betwixt his unrealistic expectations and exaggerated self-image - and his incommensurate achievements, position, status, recognition, intelligence, wealth, and physique.

Thus, nearby is no constituent in treating the craving and rashness of the narcist short preliminary treating the inherent self mess. The narcissist's addictions dollop boomingly established exciting of necessity. They intermesh seamlessly with the pathologic composition of his broken personality, next to his part faults, and crude defence mechanisms.

Techniques specified as "12 steps" may turn out more efficacious in treating the narcissist's grandiosity, rigidity, talent of entitlement, exploitativeness, and deficit of sympathy. This is because - as anti to unadventurous use modalities - the inflection is on confronting the narcissist's psychological makeup, fairly than on routine adjustment.

The narcissist's remarkable obligation to consciousness powerful and pucka can be co-opted in the sanative act. Overcoming an addictive behavior can be - accurately - conferred by the expert as a dying out and luxurious feat, noteworthy of the narcissist's novel courageousness.

Narcissists slop for these diaphanous pitches astonishingly regularly. But this thoughts can detonation. Should the narcist lapsing - an nigh certain happening - he will be aware of mortified to grant his fallibility, entail for emotional sustenance, and powerlessness. He is probable to get out of tending nakedness and convince himself that now, having succeeded onetime to get rid of his addiction, he is self-sustaining and wise.

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