Over the recent few web sites, connection mart web sites have been acquirement popularity beside a figure of clones of the web sites specified as 500Words.com that started this tendency rapidly increasing at an astonishing rate. With an industry
flooded with lashings of clone sites, the key is construction a prospering web locality in this commercial enterprise is to issue the concept, but proposal thing imaginative and that is precisely what new tag linking web site, LINKaTAG has done.

The web place allows users to choice a idiom and offers mixed raise options such as as typeface color and largeness changes as symptomless as remarkable personalty such as as bolded or underlined schoolbook. Once the name is prepaid for, it will occur
as a tag on the earth page. LINKaTAG too acts as a interbred directory, next to tags too displayed on not public category pages.

However, what makes LINKaTAG novel from remaining of the same kind web sites is that they offer an representation ad of the web piece of ground all tag golf course to and appears once a caller hovers over a tag. LINKaTAG likewise has a new
"Visual" fashion wherever each tag is revolved into a contrary fourpenny disc that can be clicked to stop by the web parcel a tag links to. A "Random Previews" property is a dead change of state of what is seen on the forward page. Image previews of the web location are shown and the tags become visible once a traveler hovers finished the depiction.

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You can see the inimitable features for yourself at LINKaTAG.com.

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