The Midsummer Fire Festival is a World of Warcraft escape thing that was at the start introduced in spot 1.11. During this festival, new quests are procurable which generally consists of freshness search lines that can be rather entertaining. At the end of this article, I will pilot you to the locations of bonfires so that you may absolute the quests efficiently without occupying a lot occurrence sounding for the accurate symptom.

Item Rewards:

Captured Flame

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Use: Summons or dismisses a Spirit of Summer.

Cinder Bracers

Use: Summons a Cinder Elemental that will save you for 10 proceedings. There is 3 charges for this.

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Crown of the Fire Festival


Mantle of the Fire Festival


Fiery Festival Brew

Use: Sets your breath aflame!

Elderberry Pie

Use: Increasse defense by 13 for 1 hr.

Toasted Smorc

Use: Increases soothing through with by magic spells and personalty by up to 44 for 1 hr.

Midsummer Fire Festival Locations:

Quest Name: Flickering Flame in Kalimdor

Level: 25

Objectives: Explore the bonfires at Darkshore, Ashenvale, Stonetalon Mountains and at length the Barrens. Speak to the Festival Flamekeeper when it's realised.


Ashenvale (65,72),

Barrens (58,38),

Darkshore (40,90) and Stonetalon Mountains (59,71).

Quest Name: Flickering Flame in Eastern Kingdoms

Level: 25

Objectives: Explore the bonfires sited at Wetlands, Hillsbrad Foothills, Silverpine Forest and Westfall. Finally, declare with the Festival Flamekeeper in reproach.


Wetlands (51,16),

Hillsbrad Foothills (54,32),

Silverpine Forest (54,68) and

Westfall (32,80)

Quest Name: Wild Fires in Kalimdor

Level: 60

Objectives: Explore the Fire Festival camps settled in Blasted Lands, Eastern Plaguelands, the Hinterlands and Searing Gorge, after rush back to the Festival Flamekeeper in complaint.


Blasted Lands (53,31),
Hinterlands (62,52),
Searing Gorge (31,73) and Eastern Plaguelands (57,72).

Quest Name: Wild Fires in Eastern Kingdoms
Explore the Midsummer camps set in Azshara, Silithus, Un'Goro Crater, and Winterspring, next rush back to the Festival Flamekeeper in bill.

Silithus (78,18),
Un'goro Crater (70,75),
Wintersping (31,42) and
Azshara (41,42).

Quest Name: The Festival of Fire
Objectives: Touch the bonfires at Thunder Bluff , Orgrimmar, and the Undercity. Talk to a Festival Talespinner at the funds cities when it's done.


Horde Version: Thunderbluff at Spirit Rise (21,25), Undercity at Ruins of Lordaeron (66,35), and Ogrimar at Valley of Wisdom (40,32).

Alliance Version: Darassus at Rut'theran Village (56,91), Stormwind at The Cannals subsequent to the Stockades (38,60) and Ironforge at Hall of Explorers (64,24).



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