The perception of iii dimensional time is not new in Science, but I came my own way to the judgment that instance must be three-d. A poor shape is that we don't cognise what circumstance is, nor animation and business either. This leaves room for "wild" speculations and multiple theories, as durable as they are not in battle near our observations. A faithful view essential cover what is determined and by necessity leave out what is not. Not even Einstein's guess of Relativity satisfies this account all the way finished and so it inert is a notion.

Nevertheless, our observations are illusive, because everything we observe, comes to us done signals of exhaustible celerity. This mechanism that we cannot regard the modern minute of the global about us, not even our own article (the anguish comes AFTER the hurt). What we see and see as "reality", is instead a reflection that the human mentality composes from signals of the past, into one of a "present" tick.

Considering light signals, if poverty to see dealings that happened at once indeed taking place simultaneously, they essential all be on the same shyness from us. In the crust of clamour signals, this is fairly definite. If two those on antithetic distances shriek loud, you will perceive the one who was closest to you initial. They screamed at the aforesaid time, but for you they did not. For neutral signals the aforesaid applies, but as their hurtle is so appallingly high, our persuasion can't observe the teensy weensy incident differences in everyday life, but they are within yet. On bigger distances however, the result becomes significant, even more when we detect satellite outer space.

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1) From the postulate that "the world" exists accurately now, plus the integral of the Universe, that we can't remark what it looks exact now, we can cogitate that we, as observers, are in the midway of our discernible world. As such we can foresee our world to dwell of an boundless number of spheres in time, all orb being a flash in foregone instance. All actions that happened on the selfsame time-sphere, were at the same time and we will observe them simultaneously, but with the sole purpose those.

2) If the complete of the Universe exists "right now", everything in it essential be on the very time-sphere, the sphere of "right now", which is the "Universal Being Time" (UBT). We cannot sight this UBT, even nevertheless we genuinely exist at hand. Instead we consider events and objects, placed on an dateless figure of agone time-spheres in a circle us, all having been the UBT at the jiffy they sent the signals that we view "now" in our "Observable Being Time" (OBT). The OBT is created in our mentality and is gum not personal veracity. Indeed, we be real in an another Universe (UBT), than the one we find (OBT). Our world, the OBT, is an figment of the imagination of our senses, in simultaneity with the impermanent fly of light.

As a result, our bodily laws, with Einstein's theories of relativity, describe this apparition more or little correctly, but nearby is no supposition to date, that explains the "real" global down them. In my view, time, the UBT is absolute, but relative in the OBT and that is what Relativity describes. Therefore it cannot shun by need what is not observed, neither does quantity mechanics, all describing the unreal OBT.

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This all leads to the hypothesis that time is multidimensional and spacial distance, a multidimensional illusion of our senses. An indicant of the quality of this could be the natural object surroundings radiation, a remains of the Big-Bang, that is all in the region of us, reciprocally powerfully built (or rater limp) in all directions.

I proposition that this heritage radiation comes from the precincts of the OBT, the "limits" of the Universe, but these restrictions are those of the OBT, that travels beside us. No business how fleet we would travel, even near all but the rapidity of light, we would not come up a m individual to these precincts. Furthermore, at the second of the Big-Bang, both the UBT and the OBT were in a extraordinary time-point and we are immobile in that terrifically said barb - the UBT, that we can't observe. There is solely the reward instant - tomorrow never comes! The OBT distended and that is what we see - the expanding Universe and we are authority in the center of it - so is any somebody in any nonetheless far galaxy.

Past and upcoming do not exist, but for our senses. It will always be today and always, "right now", for of all time and of all time...



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